Failed commission turned good :)


I love getting commissions, from the initial struggle, thinking “Shit … how am I going to do this in my style” to the moment of inspiration when I find a great pose or a little detail that I think the client will love, that ends up with me painting into the early hours of the morning, sometimes however things don’t go to plan and for whatever reason I don’t end up doing the commission (usually because I say I will do it before they have paid, sketch, plan & paint, then get the dreaded email) but whatever the reason, it’s still a lot of fun to push myself to imagine other peoples creations in my own style so I usually carry on.

This is a character that ended up being one of those failed commissions, but I’m not bitter about it at all, I experimented with different line weights, tried to use a muted colour scheme (apart from the mallard duh) and just had fun with no pressure to deliver. Anyway, looks like my domain has been transferred now and my website is LIVE, I’ll be posting on here from time to time with small blog posts and details about my future plans, so feel free to drop by whenever