I am Bees!

A Gnome lover from Manchester, living in the cold northern city of Umeå in Sweden! I’ve loved painting ever since I was a little lad eating spaghetti hoops & playing conkers, at first it started off with drawing characters from my favourite shows (like it always does) until I realised that I wanted to make my own things, and develop my own style

Most of my stuff revolves around characters based in a fantasy setting due to my love for Dungeons & Dragons.

Screenshot 2019-03-26 at 19.16.22.png

I also do other types of illustrations, and in 2016 I was asked to illustrate a book called "Robots don't say please, and can't eat cheese" It was a huge moment in my career and I learnt so much from doing it, I still draw and paint things relevant to childrens books every day, and I am slowly compiling ideas for my own picture book.