Working on more D&D NPC's

Im carrying on working on NPC’s that can be used as filler characters in adventures, I don’t usually include any stats pr character traits (might do this at a later date) instead they are freeform characters for anyone to build on as they please, a theme that flows through all of them however, is that they are flawed in some way.

Amsterdam was awesome!

I had an amazing time in Amsterdam at the Comic-Con, definitely the biggest convention I have done so far, and even though I didn’t sell as much as I would have liked, it was nice to sell what what I did.

The highlight of the convention for me was when I sold my sardine painting, if someone had asked me before the convention “what do you expect to sell” that would have been last on the list, but some guy just came up and fell in love with it … score!

I also had the pleasure of sitting beside this wizardy bugger for 3 days!


Dutch Comic-Con


This weekend I’ll be hopping on a plane to go visit Bodie and Alina in Amsterdam, where we have a table at the Comic-Con there - click here for some info -

I’ve been working on various new paintings to take with me, plus all of my pins & prints that I have stockpiled at home, hopefully I have some fans or followers that live over there that can come by and say hi, otherwise I’ll be taking pictures and working on stuff that I’ll post on here.

Bodie tipped me off on a company that does decent prints for a really good price, so I ordered 50 of my digital beholder to try them out, and from the pictures they look great, these will be up on my store when I get back, cause I don’t foresee me selling all of them.


Failed commission turned good :)


I love getting commissions, from the initial struggle, thinking “Shit … how am I going to do this in my style” to the moment of inspiration when I find a great pose or a little detail that I think the client will love, that ends up with me painting into the early hours of the morning, sometimes however things don’t go to plan and for whatever reason I don’t end up doing the commission (usually because I say I will do it before they have paid, sketch, plan & paint, then get the dreaded email) but whatever the reason, it’s still a lot of fun to push myself to imagine other peoples creations in my own style so I usually carry on.

This is a character that ended up being one of those failed commissions, but I’m not bitter about it at all, I experimented with different line weights, tried to use a muted colour scheme (apart from the mallard duh) and just had fun with no pressure to deliver. Anyway, looks like my domain has been transferred now and my website is LIVE, I’ll be posting on here from time to time with small blog posts and details about my future plans, so feel free to drop by whenever


New HQ for Bees

I decided to take the plunge and have my own website, I’ll be keeping my store on Etsy and linking through from here though cause I like that platform. I’ll be posting on here as well as normal social media so to start with, here is a monster I painted for the @TheMonsterProject’s ongoing prompt list.